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    Manufacturers Of Glass Ampoules & Tubular Vials
    Kejariwal Industries
  • Manufacturers Of Glass Ampoules & Tubular Vials
    Kejariwal Industries
  • Manufacturers Of Glass Ampoules & Tubular Vials
    Kejariwal Industries

Glass Ampoules

The Neutral Glass Ampoules manufactured by the company are widely used in pharmaceutical Industry as containers for Lyophilized as well as Liquid Injectables.

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Tubular Vials

Neutral Tubular Glass Vials for tablets, capsules, contact lenses, ophthalmic solution parental and non–parental preparation and multi dose injection filling

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Lenses and Frames
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Welcome To Kejariwal Industries

Manufacturers of Glass Ampoules & Tubular Vials

Kejariwal Industries was incorporated in 1985 with a view to cater to stringent quality requirements of pharmaceutical manufactures in their respective Injectables divisions. The pharmaceutical industry, at that time, had stared showing signs of a rapid development phase ahead but as far as quality was concerned –it remained an area of concern- primarily because of the packaging material.

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Why Choose Us?


  • cGMP compliant manufactures of Primary Packaging

    Primary packaging means any single part of a container closure system. Typically containers e.g. ampoules, vials, bottles etc. A primary packaging component means a packaging component that is or may be in direct contact with the dosage form. We are Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) complaint. for Primary Packaging.

  • Use of latest technology in Quality Assurance

    Kejariwal Industries valued in the pharmaceutical market for their exceptional hydrolytic resistance and narrow dimensional tolerances, they are excellent material for forming high primary packaging.

  • Ampoules and Vials are made from U.S.P Type I Neutral Borosilicate Glass tube

    Our borosilicate glass complies with the requirements for type I glass as get forth in applicable sections of all the U.S., European pharmacopeia & Japan pharmacopeia and will also fulfill the requirements for arsenic extraction. The requirements in the Japanese pharmacopeia for glass containers for injections, as well as the ASTM 438-90 specification for laboratory glass are met.

  • We are a Green Industry

    The Green Initiative has as its main objective the offsetting of Greenhouse gases emitted by human activities that can range from complex industrial production processes to simply driving a car, with reforestation projects in riparian areas that need to be recovered. Kejariwal Industries is a Green Industry.


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